Emily Marthick

A series entitled ‘Food Portraits’. Exploring the idea that food, in the same way we choose the cloths we wear, way we do our makeup or they way we style our hair. Can tell you something about an individuals personality. Their choices of these things can tell you so much about who they are and their personality traits. Using food to adorn the face and body to represent these characteristics. Macaroons are delicate, a feeling we can all experience or use to desribe our personality.

An expanding portfolio currently being completed with many more images that will be shared at the Perspective gallery show in the Old Truman Brewery this Summer. 


Makeup Artists:

Edvin Mac 

Rebecca Crang

Miranda González


Anita Zaman

Serena Wright

Shaneka Knight

Gahyun Gaelle

Victoria Sans

Jerome the Singer

Samira Yasmina Muse

Giacomo Morrone

Kate Ovenden

Megan Weitzner


Ahmed Osman

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