Emily Marthick

Ahmed Osman (Documentary Photographer)

" I had the pleasure of meeting Emily at university. For the final year of university I was asked by Emily to assist her in her final year project and I agreed to help her produce a body of work. As I worked alongside with her I saw the passion that she has for photography as Emily put all of her effort in all the shoots I had the opportunity to assist in. When on shoots with Emily I had noticed the skill she has within photography as she had full control of the studio and also fantastic communication with me and the models that were a part of the shoot. Emily was an inspiration to me as I saw firsthand how most photographers would work in a professional environment and the level of professionalism is needed from a photographer; I have seen her problem solving when things don’t go to plan and quickly overcome them. On top of being a fantastic photographer Emily is also an enjoyable person to talk to. Is also great to rely on when coming up with plans for our photography collective ‘RAW LDN’. "

Rebecca Crang (Makeup Artist)

"I have had the pleasure of working with Emily on multiple occasions but mostly as a photographer for her final body of work at university. She is wonderful to work with and has some great ideas. As a Makeup Artist it is always exciting to work with someone who is as open to new ideas and experimenting as Emily is, It allows the team to really work together and make the most out of everyone's skills. She has a clear vision of what she wants and allows the team to help her to make it a reality.”

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